ATTRACTIONS IN GREECE :  Bridges, Natural Bridges, Castles,   Strange Places,   Canyons, Gorges, Ravines,   Capes, Lighthouses,   Caves, Catacombs,   Craters, Volcanoes,   Gardens,   Waterfalls, National Parks, Museums,   Isthmus,   Canals,   Planetariums, Straits,


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Natural bridge formed by sea erosion into the white ash and pumice deposit near Papafrakos. A good spot for a group picture... (Photo: Tom Pfeiffer)


List of Rivers     Rivers

 Isthmus, Canals


 Waterfalls Vafkeri or Dimosari waterfall - nydri, Lefkada

Waterfalls In Greece   Edessa   Vafkeri-Lefkada  


Milos Catacombs     Catacombs



Prespa   List   Flickr Photos  

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The Greek Museums Portal                                                          

Greece Museums   ***   Photos & Info Of Greek Museums

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